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How to decide on the type of tutoring your child needs- part 1

At some point during a child's academic life tutoring is sometimes needed whether it be for exam prep or because of learning gaps. As a parent, choosing the type of tutoring needed can be a bit confusing with all the options available. In part one of this series, we explore two types of tutoring: one-on-one and group tutoring.

One-on-one tutoring

  • Complete one-on-one time with instructor

  • Best for students who are struggling with a topic and need the extra attention

  • Quiet, private environment with instructor

  • Students that are easily distracted by noise or other people thrive in this environment.

  • Typically more expensive than other alternatives

  • Families with a higher income are more likely to choose private tutoring.

  • Learning environment is more focused and tailored to the student’s individual strengths and weaknesses

  • If a student is behind or needs to practice certain subjects or topics, this more focused approach is ideal.

Small Classroom Tutoring

  • Small classroom setting with some individualized attention

  • Kids that might need some individual help with certain topics but that are average or above average in school would do well in this setting.

  • Social environment that encourages interacting with peers

  • Students who need more socialization or who thrive from interaction with their peers would enjoy learning in a classroom environment.

  • Usually more affordable than private tutoring

  • Great for families on a budget!

  • Learning tends to be more interactive and playful (i.e. learning games, group activities, presentations, etc.)

  • Children who get bored easily or need to apply concepts to tangible objects or actions benefit more from interactive activities more than just reading out of a book and doing practice problems.

So there you have it, a look at the different types of tutoring. In our next post we will look at the medium in which the sessions take place: in person and online.

At Grade A we offer both one-on-one and group tutoring. Give us a call or send a message to 324-5496 to learn more.

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