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The first step is to reach out to us by completing the consultation form or by calling/sending a WhatsApp message to 324-5496 to schedule a consultation  with an Educational Consultant. 

At this meeting, you will discuss your child's needs, pick a programme, determine the tutoring schedule and choose a start date. You must then complete the registration form, make payment and then tutoring begins.

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How do I get a tutor?

We have been a registered tutoring company since 2010. One of the requirements for registration was that the owner submit certification to prove that she can teach. We however are not an exam centre meaning that our students do not write exams at our location but as a private candidate in a centre closest to his/ her residence. Additionally, we follow the syllabus as outlined by the MOE.

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Are you guys registered with the MOE

Our tutors have been screened and vetted. Some of our tutors are teachers while others may not be teachers but have relevant tutoring experience.

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How qualified are your tutors?
How do we pay?

Payments are made via online banking, bank deposit or fast service deposit to our account. They are payable in advance. For online and in-home tutoring service clients can pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

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For online sessions, there is a limit of 1 hour. For In-home the minimum is 1.5 hours.

What is the minumum number of hours that
I can take?

When a tutor is assigned to you, this tutor works with you for the duration of your tutoring unless you  request a change in tutor.

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Can I work with the same tutor again?
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