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3 Steps for a better final report card

The last term of the academic school year is an important one. This term usually is an indication of whether your child is ready for the next level or if he/ she needs to repeat that level since poor grades means that important concepts were not grasped. By this last term students might begin to lose focus especially with the uncertainty of what was taking place during the last couple of months with schooling. Here are 3 tips to help you ensure that your child finishes the school year strong.

1.Make a Plan.

Preparation is key and as the saying goes "if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail." Use a calendar to map out all of the big assignments coming up for school including final projects and exams. Keep a pen or marker handy so kids can mark off these items when complete. Kids will feel accomplished as they overcome the hurdles between now and July/ August Vacation or JAVA as we call it. You can even use the calendar as a countdown to the final school bell.

2. Know Where Your Child Stands.

Review previous report cards and assignments to pinpoint areas for improvement. Now is also a great time to check in with your child’s teacher. Ask about where your child stands and get input on areas that need focus. If you know that your child's promotion is at risk and you need help, seek help as soon as possible. We at Grade A offer assessments. Click here to schedule an assessment.

3.Give Incentives or Rewards.

Contrary to what you may think this is not bribery! Everyone likes to be rewarded for hard work. Praise your child for sticking to the study timetable and completing assignments. While improved grades will give your child a feeling of accomplishment, rewards will keep him or her motivated throughout the term. Does your child have a big exam coming up? Reward him or her for studying all week with a trip to the park or local ice cream shop on the weekend. For older kids and teens, reward them with a ride to the mall or movies with their friends.

Does your child need help with his or her studies. Contact Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre today! We provide in-person and online tutoring services to students from preschool to secondary in Trinidad and Tobago. Call us or send us a message at 324-5496 to learn more or click here to learn more about our services.

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