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3 Main Reasons to Keep Learning Alive During the J.A.V.A. (July/ August Vacation)

We all need breaks...adults go on vacation so as adults we can all understand that our children and teachers need a break from school. All children are excited when the long JAVA comes along however for some students a few hours of learning each week during this long break is vital. Here are three instances when a few hours of learning each week during the JAVA is necessary for your child.

1. Help Your Child Make up for Learning Loss.

The Covid-19 pandemic did not only wreak economic havoc but it impacted the nation's children's education as well. Although schools have made strides in doing what they can, test scores such as 2022's SEA results place many students potentially years behind. As time has elapsed, gaps in education have only grown and the longer issues remain unaddressed, the longer it will take students to catch up.

What does this mean: Students can benefit from a high dosage of personalized tutoring. That’s not new to us. Grade A has been providing one-on-one tutoring to students both locally and internationally since our inception in 2010.

2. Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Academic skills are just like fitness: you have to use them—or you lose them. It has long been proven that students can lose about 2+ months of learning over the summer if they do not stay engaged in learning. If your child did not receive favourable grades this school year, your child can benefit from tutoring during the JAVA break. When you team up with Grade A tutors during this period, your child will strengthen skills and confidence AND keep learning habits up. Staying engaged and learning will make it a MUCH smoother transition at back-to-school time.

3. Get a Jump on New Subjects and Higher Level Math Skills If you know your child is going to be digging into higher-level math skills in the new school year (such as fractions, algebra, Physics, Chemistry, etc ), use a summer tutor to get a jump on these subjects. A tutor will introduce your child to higher-level math concepts and new subject material. When the new school year arrives, your child will be comfortable on the math/ subject train at the start of the school year, not left behind at the station.

How can Grade A help? During the JAVA period, we will be offering an in-person vacation programme for students entering standards 3-5 which focuses on Math, Language Arts, and Creative Writing with weekly fun activities. We will also be offering one-on-one tutoring in all subjects both in-person and online to preschoolers to secondary level students. For more information, call or send a message to 324-5496 to learn more.

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