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3 Reasons to Switch to Online Tutoring

Before Covid-19 tutoring or "lessons" as we call them here in Trinidad and Tobago meant that parents would have to drop off their child at a location either after school or on the weekend, provide money for snacks, possibly wait at the centre for a few hours then pick them up. With the lock down however parents are now aware that tutoring can be done online without their children needing to leave the home. If you are a parent who wants to keep things online, here are 3 reasons to switch to online tutoring.

  1. It's cheaper- Shuttling your child to and from a location after school or during the weekend costs money especially now with the increase in gas prices. Also, you don't need to provide money for snacks or lunch since children are usually spending a considerable amount of time at the location. Additional, online one on one tutoring is cheaper than one on one in person tutoring and group classes are also a bit cheaper as well. Since most households have a device and internet connection, all you need to do is log on and connect with your teacher of choice.

  2. It's convenient- In the past the only way you could have tuition in the comfort of your home is if you hired a private tutor to conduct home visits. Not only did your child receive individual attention, but it saved you the hassle of leaving home on Saturday mornings or hustling after school to a centre. With online classes, you can save yourself the hassle of running to a centre etc because your child will be receiving tuition in your own home.

  3. It's safer- Covid-19 is still a threat. With online tutoring, your child is safe at home without being exposed to others. In addition to Covid-19, you also minimize the risk of getting the common cold.

So there you have it, three reasons to switch to online tutoring. At Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre, we offer a range of online tutoring services for students from preschool to secondary in Trinidad and Tobago. Click here to learn about our services and prices or feel free to send us a WhatsApp message or call 324-5496 to learn more.

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