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How to create a study 3 easy steps

An architect and a student, though at first glance appear different, share similar needs when carrying out their task. Both groups require a plan in order to effectively execute their tasks. An architect requires a blue print and a student needs a study plan.

A study plan is simply a schedule of what must be studied daily. This useful tool, which can make a difference in your academic performance, is simple to create. in fact, a study plan can be created in three simple steps.

STEP 1: the first step to creating a study plan is to simply make a note of all your daily activities. Carefully make a note of your daily routine including extra- curricular activities. Using the information gathered, make a note of the free time which you have. This time is basically the time which you will be using to study.

STEP 2: Analyze your grades. Take a look at your grades in all subjects paying particular attention to the ones in which you are struggling. Using this insight, you can now create a schedule. Allocate more time to the subjects in which you are weak. For example, if you are failing Math, allocate more study time to Math than any other subject in your study plan.

STEP 3: Now that you have identified the times you have available and looked at your academic performance, now its time to determine which subjects would be studied on which day. This is totally up to you but as was stated previously, priority should be given to the subjects in which you are struggling.

A study plan is an essential tool for any student. It can make the difference between an A or a C . If you would like more information or believe that revision is too stressful on your own, don't hesitate to book a FREE Consultation with us here at Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre. Our professional tutors can work with you online or in-home on days and times that are convenient to you.

Happy studying!

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