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Why hiring the best tutor does not guarantee S.E.A. success

With S.E.A. just months away, we at Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre have been receiving calls from frantic parents seeking our services. One of the most frequently asked questions by potential clients is how successful we are at preparing kids for this exam. While this is a very good question, (after all parents are spending their hard earned cash) it is one which fills my heart with dread.

Approximately 20% of the people who seek us out are those whose kids are struggling and did not receive the necessary help early. Another 60% are those who simply seek out our services and believe that we must do all of the work. (after all they are paying their hard earned money for tutoring) The parents who do the latter and I normally wind up having a conversation after a couple of sessions. Why you may ask? Well these are the parents whose kids do not do their self assessments (that's our term for home work) and who do not have a study plan. During this conversation, I normally inform the parents that the child is wasting my time and their money because they are failing to to their duty.

Parents, your child's education (in this case S.E.A. success) is a team effort which includes the parent, child and the teacher (in this case the tutor). Each team member must perform his/ her duty to ensure success. As a parent, in addition to finding a tutor and paying the tuition fees, you must ensure that your child completes assignments, create a study plan with your child as well as ensure that he or she follows it. The child is the one who must follow the study plan as well as complete all self assessments. The tutor's job is to use effective and engaging techniques to ensure that your child understands the material as well as to provide advice on what can be done at home to reinforce what is taught in class.

If any of the stake holders involve fail to perform their duties, then the child's success will be at risk. It is very frustrating as a tutor to put your heart and soul into teaching and your students aren't holding up their end of the bargain. Parent's, having the best tutor is not the be all and end all. You must work with your child at home, ensure that he or she studies as well as complete all assessments.

So to answer that question, we at Grade A are dedicated to serving our clients to the best of our ability but in order to ensure that our clients succeed, we need all stakeholders to do their job. Should everyone fulfill their duties, we guarantee that your child will be successful in the S.E.A. exam if they enroll in our centre or retain the services of a Private Tutor at the right time. So let's work together to ensure your child's academic success

Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre provides one-on-one tutoring services in all subjects to students from pre-school to secondary levels. Contact us at 324-5496 if you would like help.

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