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Tips for S.E.A. results day

Writing the SEA exam seems to be a rite of passage here in Trinidad and Tobago. Each year, parents, teachers and children alike spend lots of time preparing for that day. Children and parents often have dreams of attending a particular school. After all that hard work, the days leading up to results day cause many to go into a panic but who can blame them? From experience, no matter how well you have prepared for an exam you always feel a bit nervous when results time roll around. In this post, we are going to provide parents and guardians with tips on how to handle S.E.A. results.

Before the results:

1. During the days leading up to the results, try to keep busy. Do activities such as cleaning, baking, visiting fun places etc. just to keep your mind off of the topic.

2. Get informed. Read the Ministry's information booklet to learn all about the grading system, how the children are assigned to schools etc. The Secondary Entrance Assessment Support group provides excellent advice for parents. Click here for a link to join the group.

3. Avoid discussing the topic with your child, chances are he/she will be nervous and the constant reminder will create more anxiety.

4. Remind your child that the results does not define him/her and that the important thing is that (s)he did his/her best.

After the results:

1. If your child was not successful or did not get the school of his/ her choice, remind (s)he that the result is not the end of the world give and him/her the space to deal with it at first.

Then, discuss the next step. If (s)he has to re-sit, start making the necessary preparations.

If your child is not satisfied with the school but it's a school with which you are satisfied, try to highlight the positive aspects of said school.

If you would not like your child to attend the school, discuss the possibility of re-sitting the exam and begin preparations. You can also request a transfer but keep in mind that a transfer will not happen immediately.

2. Show some restraint. Don't immediately call those whose children wrote exams to discuss the results- they may not be satisfied with their child's placement and your call may add to their disappointment, especially if your child was assigned to a "prestige school".

3. Figure out ways for your child to keep in touch with friends if they were not assigned to the same schools.

4. No matter what the outcome, reward your child.

So there you have it, our top tips for parents awaiting the S.E.A. exam results. If you would like assistance in anyway, feel free to contact us at Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre via email at or by calling /sending a WhatsApp message to 324-5496. We at Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre are a group of Tutors in Trinidad dedicated to helping you.

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