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Socialization tips for the online student

As the student population is set to return to in-person leaning in April, many parents and students alike are over joyed that students will be able to socialize. There are, however, quite a few persons who like the idea of online learning but are a bit worried about how their children will socialize. In this

installment of the parent room, we look at how students who study online can socialize.

1. Clubs

The good news is, because safe zones have been removed, children have more opportunity to connect and bond. Online learners can interact with students in their age group by participating in clubs that align with their interest. If your child likes cooking- you can enroll your child in a cooking class etc just like you would if he were enrolled in a physical school.

2. In- person activities- aside from clubs, a major part of school is participating in activities such as graduation and Christmas parties. At Grade A, our goal is to create this experience by having in-person graduation as well as facilitating monthly meet ups such as field trips.

3. Interact with your classmates online- students can interact with their peers and teachers via video conferencing. At Grade A, students and teachers usually have discussions online before the start of teaching.

Online learning is a new concept in Trinidad and Tobago. Just like homeschooling, many people are a bit skeptical about the socialization aspect. Your child does not have to become a hermit. If you are interested in enrolling your child in an online school, Grade A Online Academy is a great place to learn! We are an online academy based in Barataria, Trinidad. We offer classes to students from infants to standard 5. Call us at 324-5496 or email us at to get started today or click here to learn more.

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