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Online Schooling Tips for Busy Parents

Let's face it, teaching is hard. Teaching your kids is extra hard. Teaching your kids when you have to work is super hard. As school closure continues and many parents being called out to work online schooling is a challenge especially for parents of children with young kids. If you are a parent who is feeling the pinch, keep reading.

Preschoolers: For this group it might be a wise idea to go the packet route. Take advantage of the ECCE packets available in the newspapers or if you wish purchase packers from a preschool. You can also use resources that are available on the internet to create your own packet. You can schedule time during the week to work with your child.

Lower primary school students: For parents of children at the primary level it can be a bit easier. Firstly, your child's teacher is your ally. Inform your child's teacher about your situation. If your children are very young and you cannot take them to work with you, ask a friend or family member to supervise the online sessions. If this is unavailable, you may need to hire someone to do so. Some tutors offer online supervision at a centre which will be cheaper or at your location. If this is too costly, you can utilise the services of a responsible young adult who has just completed school to supervise a younger child. be sure to schedule time during your work week for revision.

Upper Primary and Secondary School students: For this level things should be a bit easier. This group ideally would be more self sufficient and should be able to log on to class as well as to complete assignments independently. Still communicate with the teacher to ensure that assignments are being completed in a timely manner.

These are unprecedented times so do not become discouraged if it seems a bit too hard. Preparation is the key to surviving uncertainty. Spend some time thinking about ways in which you can deal with the difficulties. Rememeber, that we at Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre are here to help. We offer both online and in-home tutoring in Trinidad and Tobago as well as online learning supervision to students both in their home or at our location at #75 Third Avenue Barataria. Feel Free to call or send us a WhatsApp message at 324-5496 to learn more about how we can help your child.

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