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How to prepare for back to the new normal

The Ministry of Education last week announced that school will resume virtually for all students. For some parents, this was a blow since most had expected that students would be able to resume face to face learning. With that being said, we thought that it would be fitting to provide some back to school tips for parents during these uncertain times.

1.Purchase school supplies that are similar to the ones you would use for in-person classes: paper, notebooks, pencils, pens etc. A planner would also keep you organized as well as a computer.

2. Make sure that your child has a good study space. Create an environment where he/she can get your work done in peace. If you don’t have an office in your house or a room that your child can use for your studies, create a place where he/she can spread out and spend as much time as possible on studies without constant interruptions.

3.Make sure that your child' computer/ laptop/tablet is in good condition. If you have an older device, take it to be checked out by a technician. Take good care of your device because it will be your main device for coursework.

4. Check your child's emails for updates. Yes we know that many schools rely on WhatsApp as a means of communication but email is also used. So check your child's school email to ensure that you do not miss important school updates

So there you have it, our short list of back to school tips in the new normal. If your child needs help with his/her studies, don't forget that we at Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre are here to help.

Charlene Morris is the Operations Manager at Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre and has been a private tutor for 20 years.

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