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How parents can help their children get the most out of online learning

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

With schools doing virtual learning this year in Trinidad and Tobago, parents, teachers and children are like must make changes to adapt to this new normal. As a parent, we know that this new method of schooling seems daunting. Fear not! Here are just a few steps that you can use to help your child get the most out of online learning.

1. Create consistency. As with any form of instruction, online learning works best with a consistent schedule. Make sure your kids are fulfilling their daily attendance requirements for online classes, and encourage them to complete their assignments on a daily basis. Due to a lack of daily structure from not physically attending school, many students will require extra support in order to remain focused. Parents can provide this support by giving them friendly reminders throughout the day and offering to help plan a schedule. If your student is working with a tutor, we also recommend setting a recurring time and day to help students stay on track!

2. Provide a quiet environment. Many parents have discovered that one of the biggest challenges with online learning is dealing with the fact that our homes are shared spaces. Whenever possible, try to provide your student with a quiet environment to work in, ideally free of distractions and other electronic devices. Since students may be logged in for a few hours at a time, the living room may not be the best place for them to attend online classes. We recommend students set up their workspace in advance to ensure there are no surprises!

3. Encourage them to speak up. With online learning, it can sometimes feel more difficult for kids to reach out to their teacher when something doesn’t make sense. This can especially be the case with virtual classrooms – in regular school, asking the teacher for clarification is as simple as raising your hand. In an online environment, students may feel intimidated or embarrassed when asking their teacher to stop the lesson and re-explain something that wasn’t clear. Rather than talking to their teachers after class like they would normally do, students now find themselves contacting their teachers through school emails and messaging features built into online learning platforms. Although it feels different, encourage your kids to treat their online learning experience the same way they would approach regular school. Remind them that their teachers are still there to help them, and they shouldn’t hesitate to reach out if something isn’t making sense.

4. Get extra help when necessary . Parents should also consider having their kids work with an online tutor. One of the major benefits of private tutoring is having the instructor’s undivided attention. With one to one tutoring, learning is driven at the student’s pace. Many students feel more comfortable asking for clarification when working with a single individual that can fill the role of a personal academic coach.

If you would like assistance please feel free to contact us at Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre. We provide tutors throughout Trinidad and Tobago as well as online. Remember, our tutors are live and online and will be happy to assist you. Give us a call or send a WhatsApp message to (868)324-5496.

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