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Meet the Team

Team Grade A is made up of professional private tutors who work with their clients to get them from where they are to where they need where thCheck out a list of our tutors below.


Ms. Morris

Operations Manager

I am a language lover with a passion for helping students. I would decribe myself as a people person who loves Trinidadian culture in particular, Carnival. My Linguistics degree as well as my involvement in education over the past 17 years has given me the ability to recruit the best tutors as well as match students with tutors.

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Ms. An-nimare

Remedial Reading, Socal Studies and English A Tutor

I am a well presented young person with a passion for helping people: the past three years, I’ve volunteered my services as an after school tutor to help kids and teens with their school work.  I’m pursuing my Bachelor’s of Arts with a major in Human Resource Management as well as I’m pursuing a certificate in international criminal law. Outside of school, my hobbies are reading, writing, socializing, voluntary services, mentoring, public speaking, and debating I also enjoy watching films and historical documentaries. 


Miss Francis

Remedial Reading and primary level


Ms. Morris 

Operations Manager

I am a homeschooling mom of two and I  have been involved in the field of education since I was 20 years old. I love languages and I am the holder of a BA in Linguistics. I love Trinidad and Tobago's culture, especially Soca and Carnival. 

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Ms. Frazer


I have a fondness for Mathematics and for assisting those who need it. I would describe myself as a vivacious,caring and ambitious person. I acquired a diploma in business and I am currently pursuing a law degree. As a tutor, I strive for excellence and to bring out the best in each and every student.


Ms. George


I am the sixth of nine children. I possess a First Degree in Special Needs and Primary Education from the University of Trinidad and Tobago; a teacher’s registration number and I have also successfully passed my Primary School Teaching Interview.  I provide tutoring services because I have a passion for imparting knowledge and hearing the feedback from my students when they are able to successfully grasp a topic and idea that has escaped them for so long.

Laura Lewis.jpg

Ms. Lewis

I am an experienced educator with a passion for Match and Sciences. I have been a Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering Computations (University of Trinidad and Tobago) As a private tutor, I tutor
Organic Chemistry, Mathematics, Introduction to Macroeconomics (Undergraduate students)

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It's a pleasure to be involved in the shaping of the future's children! I take pride in teaching every  child according to their specific learning language,  to maximise efficiency . I have gained years of experience both in the educational and health environment.  I'm currently pursuing a diploma in Human Resource Management . I'm a woman of God first and then a tutor molding the minds of the future generation. 

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Ms. Faustin

I am an educator and I have been involved in the field for the past eleven years. I have successfully completed a Bachelor"s of Education Degree in Primary and Early Childhood Education at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. Additionally, I am a registered teacher at the Ministry of Education. I love interacting with children and young adults.

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Ms. Charles


I am a law student with a passion for education. I have been involved in the field of education for several years and I experience great joy when my students finally get that aha moment.


Ms. Mahabir

I am a cosmetologist and a literacy tutor. I have been involved in teaching literacy skills for over 10 years. I enjoy seeing my students improve. My lessons are usually fun and engaging to ensure that the students develop a passion for learning

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Ms. Orr

Empowering students to become the best versions of themselves is my passion. As a student at the University of Trinidad and Tobago pursuing a degree in Education, I transform modern theories into creative learning experiences. I specialise in Primary School Education. However, I am notably skilled in English Language Arts and Reading. Building relationships with parents are valuable to me. Let us work together to help your child to become another success story


Ms. Mannette

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Health and Safety and a certificate in early childhood teaching. I’ve tutored primary first-year and second-year students previously. I’ve taken all steps to provide my students with fun, interactive learning sessions. Thus my outcome was very successful and I plan to continue this tutoring style.


Ms. Hamilton


I am a fun loving person and I decided to become a teacher because I love children and want to make a difference in the lives of my students.  As a teacher, I will do everything that I can to ensure that each student becomes a productive, successful citizen in life.  In order for me to obtain this goal, I will create a loving, positive, respectful, and safe learning environment where each student will be treated equally and be encouraged to do his or her best.   

Melanie Ramdeen.jpg

Ms. Ramdeen


I have 3 years and more experience with Tutoring students of different levels.The attitude I approached each student allowed them to feel at ease with their weak areas and allowed them to feel happy with their strengths, Most of my students were Grade F and R and after a few months, of me working with them they became Grade A and B students.
I also worked with Tertiary Level students ensuring they passed their exams and reached their deadline for their assignments.


Ms. Davis

I am currently a Student at the University of Trinidad and Tobago studying chemical engineering and process plant operations. However, I am invested in the educational development of students. I have been a private tutor for the past three years and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and my love for education with others.


Ms. Mannette

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Health and Safety and a certificate in early childhood teaching. I’ve tutored primary first-year and second-year students previously. I’ve taken all steps to provide my students with fun, interactive learning sessions. Thus my outcome was very successful and I plan to continue this tutoring style.


Ms. Hall

I’m a final year Journalism major at UWI, Mona.  Learning is about communication and I provide tailor-made communication methods for each student.  My calm and pleasant personality also create a warm environment for learning.  My passions are art, literature and community service.


Ms. Henry

I have a BA in Early Childhood  Education and Family Studies. I tutor from pre-primary to the SEA level. I'm an educator and that's what I love doing. I have a passion for reading and as such I have been an avid reader for years. I also love fitness and physical activities. 


Miss Ramadhin

Currently pursuing a Bsc Biomedical Technology (special) at the department of physics in UWI. I am a lover of sports ie. Cricket.

and I am involved in my temple
I consider myself outgoing and easily approachable.


Ms. Nicolas

i am a holder of a Bachelor of Education- History and Social Studies however I have tutored from the preschool to secondary levels. I am a jolly person so anything like field trips, historical movies, books etc will be of interest to me. I enjoy trips to the beach and hiking

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