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Services and Prices

Your child's academic improvement is just a click away. 

Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre offers one-on-one options both in-home and online. Check below for our list of services, a brief description as well as their cost. Click the link below each service to book a FREE 30-minute consultation with a  Consultant who will answer any questions you may have.

 Tutoring Programmes
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In-home tutoring

Starts at $150 per session

Ideal for students who are struggling and need individual attention. Classes move at their own pace and they receive the undivided attention of a qualified tutor in their own home.

All levels/all subjects.

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One -on-one online tutoring

$65-$75 per hour

One on one tutoring with a qualified virtually. Same features as the in=home tutoring however teaching is done online.

All levels, all subjects.

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Creative Writing Academy

$250 monthly

Creative Writing is a skill that many children have difficulty developing. This course helps children improve their writing skills, gain better writing mechanics and improve writing confidence. This is an online course but can be done in-home as well. Please note that the in-home option will not be the same cost.

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S.E.A. Classes

Standards 4&5

$300 monthly

Math, Language Arts and Creative Writing classes. Two classes per week that are 1.5 hours long. Students who wish to do only one subject can do so as well.


Full- time virtual school (stds. 3-5)

$800 monthly

This is ideal for parents who wish to supplement their homeschooling programme as well as for parents who are dissatisfied with the public education system.


Curious Child

Reading Clinic

Starts at $250 per month

Get help for struggling readers online. We will help your child with phonics, sight words, blending, fluency, reading comprehension and more. Classes are one-on-one and for ages 3 -12. This can be done in-home as well but at a different rate.

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